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Bass-n-Tubes Club By-laws
Bass-n-Tubes is an FLW/TBF federation affiliated club

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Updated for 2016

Club Membership:

1. Membership requirements
a. Desire to fish in club events.
b. Participation in "Open" tournaments does not require BnT or FLW/TBF membership.

2. Membership Dues/Liability Release
a. A completed membership form and signed liability release are required every year. *(2016)
b. Total dues for Bass-N-Tubes Membership are $65.00 per year. *(2016)
Membership dues include:
BnT club dues -$ 5.00
FLW competitive membership dues - $35.00
TBF dues - $15.00
California Fed dues - $10.00 *(2016)
c. Membership dues are to be paid by JAN 1 each year. *(2016)
d. Membership dues must be paid prior to fishing a 3rd BnT event in any one year for AOY/TOC points to accumulate.

Mail payment to:
302 Tanager Way
Livermore, CA 94551
Make checks payable to "Bass-n-Tubes"

3. New members:
a. Prospective new members who have never fished a Bass-n-Tubes tournament are invited to fish 1 regular scheduled event without paying club dues, to get acquainted.
b. Club membership and FLW/TBF membership dues are required upon fishing your second event.
c. 'Open' Events do not require club membership.

4. Junior members:

a. Junior members are under the age of eighteen (18).
b. All membership dues, BnT, CA FED and FLW/TBF, will be paid by Bass-n-Tubes.
c. Anglers under the age of 18 must have signed parental consent.

5. Meetings
a. BnT will hold a monthly meeting during their tournament season.
b. Meetings will be held immediately following the awards at each monthly tournament. *(2016)
c. BnT will hold an 'Annual Meeting' at a specified location each year after the TOC *(2016)

Club Awards:

1. Angler of the Year (AOY)
a. The angler of the year will be determined by the total points at the end of the season
b. The points system is as follows:
50 points will be awarded to the winner of each tournament, 49 points for 2nd, 48 points for 3rd, etc.
c. All anglers who receive weight credit will receive points.
d. Anglers who have a zero weight will be awarded ½ of the last place points.
e. In the case of a tie the angler with the highest accumulated weight for the season will be awarded the position.
f. There is one throw out tourney for the AOY title.

2. Tournament of Champions (TOC) Qualification
a. To qualify an angler must be a fully paid BnT club member and have fished a minimum of 5 regularly scheduled club events during the season.
b The top 12 members in AOY standings at the end of the season will qualify for the TOC.
c. There will be one "qualified On Deck" angler who may qualify to fish the TOC if another qualifier can not make it.
d. There is one throw out tourney for TOC qualification.

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