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Tournament Rules

1. Fees
a. All tournament fees are non-refundable.
b. Tournament entry fee is $35
c. 'Clear Lake Open' entry fee is $70
d. Big fish option $5 (per day)

2. Regulations
a. All State/local laws, and lake regulations must be adhered to.

3. Minor participation
a. Anglers under the age of 18 must have signed parental consent.

4. Check in/ kick Off

a. Anglers must be present at the official check-in time to fish any tournament.
b. Participants must also stay within 50 feet of the launch site until the official 'kick-off' is signaled.
c. No fishing is allowed until the official 'kick-off' is signaled.

d. Club official will call "Official Time" at kick off and all participants will follow this time.
e. All participants will kick off from the designated location in their vessel Opens included.
f. Pre fishing cut off is 12:00am the day of the tournament. *(2018).

5. Weigh in Time
a. Participants must be with in 50 feet of weigh-in location by official weigh-in time or they will be considered late.
b. Late weigh-ins will be penalized as follows: 1 lb. penalty for every 5 minutes late, up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you're disqualified.
c. No fishing by any participant will be allowed after the stated official weigh-in time.

6. Vessel requirements
a. All vessels must be human powered only.
b. No motors, no sails.
c. All tournament fishing must be conducted from a float tube, kick boat or Kayak.
d. Anglers may not fish outside of their vessel for any reason.
e. Anglers must be floating in their vessels while fishing, with the anglers full weight being supported by their vessel.

7. Livewells
All vessels must have a livewell - no stringers or metal fish baskets allowed.
Minimum livewell requirements are:
a. - Kick boats using oars and kayaks must have an out of the water livewell.
b. - A 500 GPH minimum bilge pump is to be used for refreshing out of water livewells with fresh lake water.
c. - Out of water livewells must use an aerator.
d. - Livewells must be constructed from an insulated ice chest that is 48 quarts or larger, or equivalent.
e. - Float tubes and kickboats 'without oars' may use mesh style fish baskets that have a full frame to ensure that the bag will not collapse around the fish while moving.

Although not required we STRONGLY recommend the following, at all times, for the well being of the fish.
a. - A 5 inch or larger aerator stone (larger is better, so go with what you can fit)
b. - Doping products (Rejuvenade, Please Release me, etc.)
c.- Ice on very hot days.
d.- Run your aerator all day.

8. No fishing live bait or cut bait.

9. No fishing multiple rods at the same time.

10. No fishing in multiple tournaments on the same day.

11. All fish in the anglers possession must be Black Bass.

a. Largmouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted bass only
b. No participant shall have in their possesion any species other than black bass during the tournament, including weigh in's, per CA DFW permit conditions.
c. Failure to adhere will result in disqualification. *(2018)

11. All official weigh-ins and measurements are performed by appointed club officials.

13. Bass must be 13-inches minimum - open mouth, swing tail, on a measuring board provided by BnT. All other measuring devices will be disallowed.

14. Culling
a. No participant shall have more than 5 fish in their possession at any time, Unless actively culling.
b. No culling of fish is allowed within 50 feet of the weigh-in site.

15. Dead Fish

a. Each dead fish weighed in will result in a 1/2-pound penalty.
b. Dead fish do not qualify for the 'Big Fish' option.
c. Dead fish brought to the scale are the responsibility of the angler, without exception.
d. No dead fish may be left behind at the scale.
e. Any dead fish must be taken away from the weigh in site by the responsible angler to be disposed of under California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations.

16. Catch and Release
a. Bass-n-Tubes is strictly a 'Catch-and-Release' organization.
b. Any violation other than DOA's or trophy bass can result in disqualification and/or permanent club membership removal.

17. PFD's (Personal Floatation Device)
a. Anglers participating in a BNT event must have in their possession a valid USCG approved PFD.
b. Anglers under the age of 16 must wear their PFD at all times while in their vessel.

18. Lights
a. All participants are required to have in their possession and ON a "white light" from launch time until 15 minutes after safe light.

a. Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a "sportsman" like manner.
b. If any one from the public, another participant, or a club officer views another member exhibiting un-sportsman like conduct, or in any way conduct un-becoming to the club's values prior to, during, or after a tournament the offending angler may be disqualified from that tournament.
c. Bass-n-Tubes is a non-discriminating organization. Any violation can result in disqualification and/or permanent club dismissal.
Repeated offenses will result in club dismissal.

a. Protests regarding violation of these rules must be declared immediately to the Tournament Director
b. Protests must then be submitted in writing, within 30 minutes of the official weigh-in time.
c. The Tournament Authority will hear protests and the decision of the Director will be final.
d. TO AVOID PROTESTS, if you suspect a possible infraction is about to take place - ALERT THE WOULD-BE OFFENDER and check the rules!

Updated 05/09/2021