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Welcome to Bass-n-Tubes

Bass-n-Tubes is a northern California Float Tube, Kickboat, and Kayak Bass fishing club. We welcome anglers of any skill level and all ages to come on out and join the fun of our low keyed, low cost style of Bass fishing and tournament angling.

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April 26-27, 2014
'Clear Lake Kickboat Open

2014 News

March 16, 2014 - Salt Spring Valley Reservoir

We had a great turnout on a great weekend at Salt Spring Valley reservoir, for stop number two of the B-n-T season.

Twenty four anglers made the trip to the lake to enjoy the great fishing and the excellent weather.
There were 6 new faces at check in this month, with 3 junior members aged 10, 15 and 16. Welcome to B-n-T Mike Alaga(10), Damon Treadwell(15), Devin De La Rosa(16), Topper De La Rosa, Doug Scott, and Mike Mcghee. It was great having you guys come and fish with us!

At the weigh in it was Mitch Teman, who was throwing a jig, taking home top honors with 23.39 pounds for his best 5.
In second place with 20.52 pounds, and the days big fish of 5.17 pounds was Taylor Capilla. Third place would go to to Scott Rouhier with 15.00 pounds even, and the last paying spot went to Dave Monteiro with 14.45 pounds.

Thanks to everyone who came to fish with us and congrats to all the top finishers.
Many thanks also to Rodd at Salt Spring Valley for his hospitality.

The 'Clear Lake Kickboat Open' is next on our schedule, April 26-27, 2014.
Click the 'Opens' button on the sidebar for more information.
Camping sites are starting to fill up, so make your reservations A.S.A.P.


Mitch Teman
Taylor Capilla
Scott Rouhier

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All BnT tournaments are always about having fun. Some tournaments are preceded by a big camp out with lots of fish talk and good times. You can browse the schedule and results on the left as well as check out the archives from years past. If you'd like to fish with the club feel free to post a message on the forum to say hello and find out any special scoop about the tournament you might be interested in fishing.

If you are new to the site or to the club and need help posting a message for the first time on the forum, please check out this page which explains the procedure in detail.

Good fishin' to everyone!

If you have questions about the club, or float tubing & kickboating in general, send them to


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